Sunday, September 27, 2009

Help for Typhoon Ondoy's Victims

Some are missing, some remain unaccounted for, dozens perished, some were hurt, many are in evacuation centers while others are still trapped in their homes. They need our help.......

I am posting this appeal for assistance for Typhoon Ondoy's victims from Barrio Siete. Please visit their site if you would like to donate to this cause.

My fellow bloggers, readers and lurkers; it breaks our heart seeing all these images and watching the videos coming from Manila – the wrath and devastation not only to properties but also to the lives of our fellow Filipinos. Tropical typhoon Ondoy is not only creating havoc but also bringing epic floods in the Metropolitan Manila area.

In the spirit of Barrio Siete, I invite you all to join our Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims. Very simply:

1.) Make a donation to our Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims. If you can’t, then help us by making this viral and create an entry entitled: “Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims“. A link to this original entry will be appreciated where your readers can make a donation. Please leave us a note in the comment section if you are joining so we can list your entry, in case the pingback doesn’t work.

2.) Invite other bloggers to join our “Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims”

3.) We will list the names of the donors in a worksheet, their organization and/or their websites, unless they prefer to be anonymous.

4.) The listing will be updated regularly and will be posted here in Barrio Siete Dot com.

5.) We are only accepting monetary donations in currencies accepted by Paypal.

6.) All donations will be remitted only to the Philippine National Red Cross in Manila. (We have not made any contact with them yet.)

7.) If you prefer: You can make donations directly to the Philippine National Red Cross. Here is the link: Ways to donate

In Barrio Siete, this is where you can make your donation. We will in turn, turn this over to the Philippine National Red Cross.

God please help us cope up with this latest tragedy! God bless our nation.

Thanks for the tag Mahalia.

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Mahalia said...

ks Amor, sana ay maraming makabasa at makatulong, nasa 54,448 PHP na ang nalakop natin. Sana makatulong ito talaga!

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